News media of all types have journalists who answer questions sent in by readers. This blog is an attempt to create a forum to do essentially the same thing.  We are interested, individually and as a group, to witness, to understand, and to assist those of you who are sincerely interested in the buying and selling of real estate here in the Puget Sound area.

As representatives of the disciplines of Title, Escrow, Lending, Brokerage and Inspections, we hope to create here interesting topics for discussion that will pique your minds and encourage your “what if” questions. Just as every home, every buyer and every seller are different, every real estate transaction is unique.

We do not make a claim to be experts. But we are professionals. We’ve chosen the work we do and have stuck with  it through good times and bad. Hopefully we can help you answer some of the questions you may have as you explore your options for investment and life style in real estate.

Please ask your question in the comment section of this page. Feel free as well to contact anyone of us individually. Our contact information is accessed by selecting a name on the menu bar.

Thanks for your participation. We look forward to some interesting dialogues.


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