No Cost Ways To Improve Your Home Appeal For Buyers

Staging a home FOR SALE doesn’t mean money has to be spent. As home owners you can do several tasks to improve your home appeal for the buyers, before it goes on the market.

Here are five tips of things to do at no cost:

1. Curb Appeal – Remember that the first impressions are the most important key in selling a home. Mow, weed, rake, trim edges and over grown bushes. The house should not be hidden behind bushes. If you can’t see it, you can sell it. Hose down the walkways. Store garbage cans neatly away from the front of the house. Keep kid’s toys and bikes away.

Curb appeal is all about making the first RIGHT impressions.

2. De-clutter- Yes, you have heard this before. But REALLY de-clutter. You’re moving anyway, so pack away. Consider renting a storage unit. Donate. Closets are important and home buyers want and love storage. Empty out your closet by 60%. Keep the floors clear. The same thing is true for kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

Organized spaces look more spacious

3. Clean – By clean, I really mean deep cleaning. No one wants to walk into a dirty homes, especially bathrooms. Dirty windows stop the eyes. Clean, clean, and do more cleaning. Can’t emphasis enough.

Clean is GOLD

4. Let there be light – Do all you can do to let natural light in. Heavy drapes need to go out. The windows should not be blocked by anything. Take out window screens. Replace the burnt bulbs and go for higher wattage ones. If you have a dark corner, buy a floor up-lighter for a home improvement store. This will be the best $15 that you ever spent.

An uplighter for those dark corners

5. Eliminate Odors – Bad orders are the biggest NO! NO! Ask a friend to come over and help, since we get used to smells. If you have a baby, the diapers should be taken out right away. Avoid cooking anything with strong smells like fish and curry. Not everybody likes these smells. No smoking. If you have pets, clean their area with an enzyme rich cleaner like Folex, which you buy at any supermarket.

Bad smells keep the home buyers away

Just keep in mind, that a little elbow grease and lots of attention to detail will help you to meet your sales goal. Stay tuned to the other five no cost ways to increase your home appeal for the market.


About Shirin Sarikhani

I'm a wife, mother of two daughters, and home stager in Seattle. I started my company Seattle Staged To Sell 2005. We have expanded and grew over the years. We specialize in full and partial home staging. We are a passionate bunch and love what we do.
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2 Responses to No Cost Ways To Improve Your Home Appeal For Buyers

  1. Paul McFadden says:

    Thanks, Shirin. This is great advice for those of us who may not want to spend the money or don’t have the money to seriously stage. Thanks again!

  2. I agree Paul. There are lots that home sellers can do on their own to showcase their homes.

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